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Mouth Guards

Sports gum guards are used in all contact sports such as rugby and hockey.

They are used to protect the teeth, tongue and lips from injury during play.

Custom made mouth guards offer many advantages compared to ready made gum guards.



Benefits Of Custom Made Mouth Guards 

1. Fit comfortably and securely.

2. Retains shape and last longer than other gum guards.

3. Protect from tooth damage by distributing the stress of the impact to the entire length of the tooth.

4. Improved speech for clear communication on the field.

5. Increased oxygen intake for peak performance and endurance.

6. Variety of colour options.

A photo showing different coloured gum guardsAn image of a custom made mouth guardAn image of a red and white mouth guardAn image of a clear gum guard














Contact Dr. Leipsig today to find out how you can get your own custom made mouth guard that will protect your teeth, tongue and lips during contact sports.

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